Monday, February 28, 2011

1st Annual Fonzie Awards Recap

I just wanted to quickly recap the action from today's first ever Fonzie Awards. Let's run down the list of winners:

Due to time constraints, the following Fonzies were given out at a separate ceremony:
  • Best Superfluous Use Of The Letter R -
  • The Bare Minimum Award For Least Amount Of Blog Updates -
  • Outstanding Achievement by an Unpaid Contributor To The Apple - Larry Smith
  • Best Ongoing Twitter War - @MetsFanMurph Vs. @CoreyNYC
  • The "Valentino" Fonzie For Outstanding Achievement In Mets Clothing Design- The 7 Line


  1. Hey, I update more than this guy:

  2. We here at The Happy Recap have every intention of winning an award next year, so look out EliFromBrooklyn, the Twitter War is on!

  3. Do Corey and Murph have to share the award or do they each get their own? Sharing it could lead to even more feuding, if that's even possible. I would love to find out.

  4. I'd like to accept this award on behalf of Murph. Murph has never flown on an airplane and thus could not attend the awards ceremony (but it does explain his narrow minded views on just about everything)

  5. Unpaid????
    You mean people can get paid for articles?
    Sign me up.

    Larry Smith

  6. My goal is to gain at least a nomination for next year's Fonzies for my work at


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