Monday, February 28, 2011

The Fonzie for Snazziest Intro To A Video Blog Goes To...

Kerel Cooper from On The Black.  Kerel wastes no time letting you know what he is about when you fire up one of his videos.  Within 10 seconds you know everything you need to know to be fully acclimated to On the Black.  Set to a haunting Hip Hop beat, the intro tells us that:

  1. Kerel owns some Mets memorabilia which he has used to decorate his office
  2. Kerel sometimes talks about the Mets outside while wearing his Mets winter hat
  3. One time Kerel went to see David Wright speak at what appears to be a Chuck E. Cheese
  4. Kerel knows Matt Cerrone, in fact they often participate in lighthearted banter
Don't believe us? See for yourself:


  1. but does he actually own the lace-up-v neck/ vest ensemble?

  2. @Pete - while I feel I'm a pretty good dresser, no I don't own the lace-up-v neck/ vest ensemble. LOL


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