Friday, February 18, 2011

Generation DL: Mets Marketing Rallying Around Latest Crop Of "Talent"

The Mets have decided to build this years marketing campaign around their new style of pitching phenoms dubbed Generation DL.

Recently signed Jason Isringhausen, formerly of 1995’s Generation K is leading the way. At 38, he last pitched 8 innings in 2009 with the Rays before undergoing Tommy John surgery and missing the 2010 season

Joining Jason in the star studded bullpen are the following iron men.

Taylor Buchholz, who qualifies for Gen DL by missing the 2009 season due t elbow surgery. He came storming back last season with an arm numbing nine appearances for 12 whole innings in a 162 game season

Taylor Tankersley. He missed the 2009 season after undergoing surgery to repair a stress fracture in his left elbow but returned last season to finish in the top 400 for come back player of the year. Somehow he was able to match the other Taylor, pitching a staggering 12 innings . Taylor has been called a possible replacement for Ryota Igarashi if the Mets need a guy to start off strong, get injured and then never be the same.

“I think I definitely have a good month in me. Mind over body baby. Mind over body!”

Boof Bosner. He missed the 2009 season with shoulder surgery. He returned last season , pitching more innings than both Taylors combined.. He set a Generation DL bullpen record by pitching 25 innings out of a possible 1458 innings in a season. 2 words. Wow!

Generation DL also has 2 workhorse starting pitchers.

Breaking the trend, Chris Young actually pitched in 2009, but fear not, he missed most of last season with a shoulder strain before setting the league on fire in.4 games and totaling 20 innings .

Rounding out the born again prospects is Chris Capuano.

The 32-year old out does everyone in the group. Chirs missed all of the 2008 AND 2009 seasons due to an elbow injury that required his group leading second Tommy John surgery. He came back last year to prove he will be the group’s innings eater

With 24 appearances and 66 innings he pitched almost as many innings in 2010 as all of the other Gen DL members combined!

Said Chris, “ I know I have to lead this group by example. Hopefully the team can count on me for parts of a solid season ,12-14 starts and 75-78 innings. I know that’s crazy talk but you never know. I could be this year’s John Maine!

Not done tinkering, General Manager Sandy Alderson has apparently offered a 2 yr deal to Tommy John who not only has gone through Tommy John surgery, but has missed the 2010 season as well as 1990 through 2009 making him a prime target for Gen DL Captain.

Whatever happens, and whenever it happens, look for there to be a whole new roster of Generation DL by July!

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story.

Written by David Brody @David_Brody
Executive Producer
Elvis Duran and The Morning Show
Z100 New York

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