Thursday, February 24, 2011

Camp T-Shirts Not As Popular Among Mets Players As New Manager

Yesterday, Rich Coutinho filed this report on Camp Terry.  While most of the Mets players are enjoying the new manager's emphasis on Intensity and Focus the official camp t-shirts that Collins has ordered are not as popular.

"There was one in all of our lockers this morning.", said Nick Evans.  "The guys all laughed until Terry came in and told us to put them on.  We laughed some more. He gave us a stare that could melt steel.  We all put them on after that."

In addition to the childish design, the shirts were ordered from a youth camp uniform distributor and are only available in child sizes.  Many of the Mets complained on Thursday about the tacky, ill-fitting shirts.

However, David Wright seemed fine with them.
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