Monday, February 21, 2011

Sony Delays MLB The Show Video Game After Simulation Predicts Mets Win World Series

Video game fans waiting to get their hands on the 2011 edition of Sony's MLB The Show video game are getting some bad news this morning as Sony has announced that the game has been delayed indefinitely.  SCEA, the games publisher has sited "realism issues" as the reason the game will not be available on the original March 8th release date.

Apparently, the problems occurred over the weekend when Sony gathered together a large portion of the sports and gaming press to show off their new game with a simulation of the upcoming season.  According to sources who attended the event, the happy mood shifted dramatically shortly after the simulation began and the Mets started winning."

"You could kind of hear chuckling in the room early on as the Mets got off to a hot start.", said Steve Noah of the sports gaming website Operation Sports. "But it turned to more of a grumble when they just kept winning.  By the time October rolled around you could really see the horror on the Sony guys faces.  It was almost like they were saying, Oh my God, what have we done?"

Sony executives watched in horror as the Mets steamrolled through the regular season with their dominating staff anchored by NL Cy Young Chris Young and their powerful lineup led by NL MVP Jason Bay and his 43 home runs.  As soon as the Mets four game World Series sweep of the Red Sox was over, a Sony spokesperson ran to the front of the room and announced that the game had been delayed indefinitely.

"Right now it's obvious that something is very broken.", said Ramone Russell of SCEA.  "We're going to have to take the game apart and figure out what went wrong because something like this should never happen."

When asked if maybe the Mets were simply not as bad as people think, Russell repeated, "Something like this should NEVER happen."

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  1. any idea if we can get a copy of this version of the game?

  2. If video games were around in 1969, I guess they would of had the same reaction.

  3. We can only hope Hotrod. We can only hope.

  4. I will frame this if it really happens!!!!!!!!!


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