Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is The NFL Going Too Far With Super Bowl Condoms?

Over the last two weeks, the NFL has released a slew of new Super Bowl products which football hungry customers have scooped up happily, but many fans aren't so happy about the league's latest cross-promotion: a line of Super Bowl themed condoms.

The condoms, a cross promotion with Lifestyles, feature the logos of both teams along with football innuendo sayings like "Throw It Deep" & "Stacking The Box".  Many parents and religious groups are not happy, calling the condoms irresponsible, crass commercialism.

The NFL doesn't seem to be worried. "At the NFL we want every section of our fan base to be part of the action.", says Tracey Bleczinski VP of Consumer Products and Apparel. "We provide our players the top safety equipment when they play so why not provide the same protection to our fans for their 'post-game celebrations'?" Bleczinski even went on to say that the league has distributed the condoms to players in Indianapolis to hopefully prevent what she called "another Cromartie situation".

The condoms will be available throughout the weekend at select locations in Indianapolis.  For those not in Indy, you can also purchase Super Bowl condoms at Condomania, the official double-sided marital aid provider of the NFL.    

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