Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sandy Alderson Says Mets Are Not In Position To Sign Josh Lewin

Ever since the Texas Rangers announced they would not be bringing broadcaster Josh Lewin back next season, the Mets blogosphere has been buzzing about Lewin possibly joining Howie Rose in the WFAN booth. Despite the need to replace Wayne Hagin next season, Mets GM Sandy Alderson told The Apple on Tuesday night that a Lewin deal does not seem like a realistic possibility at this point.

"I've had several conversations with Josh's agents over the last 72 hours or so.", said Alderson. "So from that standpoint I think that they have known where we might have been and I have known where things have gone, or at least generally speaking where things might have gone beyond that."

Alderson went on to say that it’s “fair” to say Mets won’t sign anyone who commands more than 45 thousand. Still, Alderson said the broadcaster market should still be “robust” since announcers who made more than 45K in the past now may command less.

In any event, Alderson says the Mets are more than happy to fill the position from within the organization. Bison's play-by-play man Ben Wagner is currently being viewed as the organization's leading candidate. While many Mets fans may not be familiar with Wagner, the Mets GM does not want fans to worry.

"I can promise you this.", said Alderson. "Whoever we do end up hiring will had to have passed our new enhanced physical system. So there's that."

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