Sunday, March 31, 2013

Who Is The Rightful Ruler Of Metsteros: Comparing The New York Mets Ownership to Game Of Thrones

Last Year's Map Of The Kingdom
I had no intention of bringing up Game of Thrones today but my fellow bloggers started some interesting comparisons between Mets ownership and the HBO mega-hit, which begins it's third season tonight.

Over at, the bestselling author Shannon Shark believes that the Mets are the Lannisters.

Here, he paints the picture of a team clumsily led by the child king Jeffy Joffrey:
...the kingdom is run by the son of the previous ruler.  The new leader is not particularly well liked and some question his leadership abilities. His upbringing has led him to be completely out of touch with the common folk, not that he cares.

Happy Niese-ter Mets Fans!

New York Mets Tickets

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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Daniel Murphy Opening Day Singalong: Together We Can Embarrass Our Second Baseman

If you know me, then you know I love me some good old fashioned nonsense. That's why when my buddy Darren at The 7 Line asked me to help spread the word about singing happy birthday to Daniel Murphy on Opening Day, I jumped at the chance.

Darren's plan is to spread the word through downloadable flyers and serenade the Mets second baseman during his first AB.

For all the details check out Darren's post here.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

#ShowTheMetsYourDickey Winners!

I asked you guys to "Show The Mets Your Dickey" and boy did you.  So many great pics came in it was hard to pick just three winners. In the end we had an R.A. Dickey lookalike, a devoted fan's collection and one enormous Dickey.

Here are the three winning entries who will each receive a copy of the documentary Knuckleball on DVD courtesy of MPI/Filmbuff.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pre-Opening Day Sale: #CaptainShorts T-Shirts Now Only $15

Opening Day is just a week away.  The Captain is getting ready to return to action and now you can be too. This week only, the remaining stock of Captain Shorts t-shirts will be on sale for only $15 bucks. This includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states.  Click here to buy. Act fast though, supplies are extremely limited and once these are gone, they're gone.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Show The Mets Your Dickey And Win A Copy Of Knuckleball on DVD!

Since the Mets traded away R.A. Dickey in the off-season, many fans have accused the team of trying to erase R.A. Dickey from the collective memories of Mets fans for some reason.

While I don't believe it is intentional, the Mets are giving conspiracy theorists fuel for the fire by omitting Dickey from the team's holiday highlight film e-card and then removing the knuckleballer from the team leaders on (According to the site, Jon Niese led the team with 12 wins)

These could clearly be dismissed as minor oversights but on Wednesday, the Mets own Media Director Jay Horwitz sent out this tweet and brought the wrath of #MetsTwitter down on his adorable head.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Mets Plan Holder Ticket Box: Your Inflated Ticket Price Dollars At Work

In my home, Spring is not officially here until a package from the Mets arrives. Call me foolish, but one of the reasons I still have a ticket plan is the sentimentality of getting that booklet/box of tickets every March.

This year was extra special because given the fact that the price of my Opening Day tickets ballooned from $36 to $63, I just knew the Mets were going to invest that money into cool stuff to reward their most loyal subscribers. Right?

Read on for a review of the box your tickets come in. Yup, we're really doing this.

Monday, March 18, 2013

R.A. Dickey Gets Storybook Ending In New Paperback Release Of "Wherever I Wind Up"

By now, most Mets fans have already read R.A. Dickey's best-selling memoir, Wherever I Wind Up, in which Dickey chronicles his unique and remarkable path to baseball stardom.

If there was one complaint about the book however, it is that it ended up releasing a year early. Following the books March 2012 release, Dickey would go on to produce a storybook ending that even Disney would probably reject as being a bit too far-fetched.

Fortunately, Dickey has addressed this in the new paperback release of WHEREVER I WIND UP: My Quest for Truth Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball from Plume. In an all new chapter titled "Summits", Dickey takes us through the 2012 season, a year that would see him climb the baseball mountaintop as well as an actual mountaintop.

In the new epilogue, Dickey talks about...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Valdespin Returns To Action With Slight Uniform Alteration

Monday was a rough day for Jordany Valdespin. First he was drilled in the tender vittles by a fastball and then ripped by his manager for not wearing his protective cup.
"Right out of the hand it’s like, ‘Oh, [bleep]! That is right at his [genitals].’ ”
-Tigers Pitcher Justin Verlander
On Tuesday, the Mets hottest hitter returned to camp sporting some new equipment mandated by manager Terry Collins. According to the Mets skipper, Valdespin will have to wear the full body cup "until he stops acting like an enormous [genitals]."

Monday, March 11, 2013

No Body? Can't Stop Me!

A lot of people were poking fun at Jordany Valdespin's use of a double negative in a tweet earlier...
...but maybe it was just a simple punctuation mistake.

Mets Go All-In On Controversial New Citi Field Tenants

You've probably already heard that one of the Citi Field storefronts will be occupied by an Amway store.  Amway has had a bit of an image problem over the years being called by some a pyramid scheme. Some Mets fans feel like their team has been a pyramid scheme at times over the years so perhaps the union is not so far fetched.

The Mets expected a violent storm of protest over the new Citi Field occupant and there has been some negative publicity but it has not been unmanageable.

So since this seems to be working out, the Mets have moved on and have announced the names of the three new tenants near the Amway store at Citi Field.

One is the headquarters of the American Communist Party.  Just so you know that the Wilpons have some scruples, do be advised that before allowing this fringe group to have a spot near Citi Field the team emphatically turned down the application of both the Nazi and Fascist parties. One does have to draw a line somewhere.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meet Your 2013 Digital New York Mets

The 2013 incarnation of SONY's hit baseball video game MLB The Show hit store shelves this Tuesday.  For the uninitiated, the franchise is known for it's incredible attention to detail when it comes to capturing the atmosphere of our national pastime.

To achieve this, the developers spend a lot of time trying to create digital versions of your favorite ballplayers.

How'd they do?

You be the judge. Check out some of your favorite Mets side by side with their MLB The Show counterparts and then sound off in the comments section.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Apple's 3rd Annual Opening Day Tailgate

On April 1st, the Mets return "home" to Citi Field. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a reason to party to me.

Join The Apple & friends for another pre-game tailgate at Citi Field prior to the Mets opener vs. the Padres on April 1st. There will be hot dogs on the grill and beverages. All are welcomed to join. (First come first served. Snack food donations welcomed. BYOB encouraged.)

I'll post/tweet the exact location on the morning of since the Mets like to constantly change-up their parking rules. Stay tuned to the Facebook Event Page for updates and check out the video below for some footage from previous tailgates.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Not Just A PR Stunt, Mets Jay Horwitz Will Compete For Starting RF Job

It would seem that after failing at convential methods of aquiring outfield talent, Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson is taking an unconventional route to upgrading his outfield. Alderson is reaching into a new untapped resource for talent...the Mets own front office.

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Captain Shorts T-Shirt Now On Sale: It's Like A Cotton High Five That You Can Wear

The t-shirt from our successful Kickstarter campaign is now available to purchase directly from The Apple.

Now you can publicly celebrate the legacy of Captain Shorts with this T-shirt.

This isn't just a t-shirt however, it’s a statement. It’s a statement that you believe in the magic of the high five.

It’s a statement that you as a community rose up and demanded that the contributions of an unsung member of the Mets organization be recognized.

It’s also a symbol!

Yes, it’s a t-shirt, a statement and a symbol. It’s a symbol of your ongoing support to what is probably one of the stupidest websites every created.

It’s also cotton!

At least 50% cotton depending on the size you ordered.

So order your “At least 50% cotton symbol/statement/t-shirt” today by clicking here.

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