Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Mets Plan Holder Ticket Box: Your Inflated Ticket Price Dollars At Work

In my home, Spring is not officially here until a package from the Mets arrives. Call me foolish, but one of the reasons I still have a ticket plan is the sentimentality of getting that booklet/box of tickets every March.

This year was extra special because given the fact that the price of my Opening Day tickets ballooned from $36 to $63, I just knew the Mets were going to invest that money into cool stuff to reward their most loyal subscribers. Right?

Read on for a review of the box your tickets come in. Yup, we're really doing this.

One of the first things you'll notice right out of the box (see what I did there?) is the reduced size. This year's box is actually sized to fit the tickets and I find this to be a welcome change. In the past few years, the Mets have sent my tickets in beautiful boxes that were nice to look at, but also enormous.  It was great if you needed a place to stash some baseball cards or hide a body, but it was all a bit much.  With this smaller sized box I might actually keep the tickets in here all year.  I can even leave it on my coffee table so that when I host fancy grown-up dinner parties someone can say "By Jove  is that a jersey?" to which I'll reply "Why no, it's actually a box of tickets to a sub-par baseball team."  I'll then put my monocle back on and take a sip of my Gin Rickey.

The box plays off the new blue jersey theme. The front looks like a Mets alternate jersey with the number 1 on it. I'm not quite sure why they went with the number 1. To me, this makes me think of Jordany Valdespin, which in turn makes me think of Justin Verlander which in turn makes my crotch hurt. 13 would have looked so much better but I'm probably splitting hairs here.  

Inside the box (which has a magnetic clasp), are your tickets and some logos. Note: Despite the logo being there, my All-Star Game tickets did not arrive together with the plan tickets. Those will hopefully come later in a more impressive box which I'm still holding out hope will be hand delivered to me by the Pope.  

In years past, the team included a media guide or yearbook or trinket of some kind but those days seem to be gone.  At least the colors are correct. Oh and in case you were thinking about it, I did remove the orange padding and look for some cryptic hidden message from Jay Horwitz that would no doubt send me on a quest throughout the city in search of a priceless artifact. There was no such message. I know, right?

Oh, so THAT'S why they used the number one. The back is designed to look like the back of a jersey.  This would have been even cooler if they could have personalized it with my last name but I'm sure that would have been tedious and more expensive. Maybe next year, when Opening Day upper deck tickets are $126. 

The number 1 here isn't bad. At least this way it reminds you that you are the "#1 Mets Fan".  At least I'm hoping that's what it stands for.  For all I know these are individually numbered and I'm just the only idiot who signed up for a ticket plan. 

No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Follow me on Twitter @readtheapple.

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