Monday, March 11, 2013

Mets Go All-In On Controversial New Citi Field Tenants

You've probably already heard that one of the Citi Field storefronts will be occupied by an Amway store.  Amway has had a bit of an image problem over the years being called by some a pyramid scheme. Some Mets fans feel like their team has been a pyramid scheme at times over the years so perhaps the union is not so far fetched.

The Mets expected a violent storm of protest over the new Citi Field occupant and there has been some negative publicity but it has not been unmanageable.

So since this seems to be working out, the Mets have moved on and have announced the names of the three new tenants near the Amway store at Citi Field.

One is the headquarters of the American Communist Party.  Just so you know that the Wilpons have some scruples, do be advised that before allowing this fringe group to have a spot near Citi Field the team emphatically turned down the application of both the Nazi and Fascist parties. One does have to draw a line somewhere.
Might it be that the Mets’ ownership group looks a bit more kindly on the “share the wealth” attitude of the CP now that the team loses money every year?

Also moving in is a store called "Flawed Heroes Memorabilia". It is a sports souvenir store for what you might call a niche market. It houses uniforms and jerseys and signed balls of former stars like Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, and O.J. Simpson. There will also be a section for cyclists to buy helmets worn by - or at least touched by - Lance Armstrong. If you're into athletes-gone-bad then you'll want to stop in the next time you're around the ballpark in Flushing.

The last vacant storefront will house the official NRA Gun Store. The NRA has taken a bit of a hit in popularity recently but rather than climb into a hole and hide it has decided that Queens needs a highly visible outlet where one can  - with minimal background checks - purchase high volume magazines and the weaponry that can fire them.

Between Amway and the three new tenants I doubt too many people will spend the spring and summer complaining about the amateurish nature of the Mets outfield.

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story.  Follow Larry on Twitter @dr4sight.

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