Friday, March 1, 2013

The Captain Shorts T-Shirt Now On Sale: It's Like A Cotton High Five That You Can Wear

The t-shirt from our successful Kickstarter campaign is now available to purchase directly from The Apple.

Now you can publicly celebrate the legacy of Captain Shorts with this T-shirt.

This isn't just a t-shirt however, it’s a statement. It’s a statement that you believe in the magic of the high five.

It’s a statement that you as a community rose up and demanded that the contributions of an unsung member of the Mets organization be recognized.

It’s also a symbol!

Yes, it’s a t-shirt, a statement and a symbol. It’s a symbol of your ongoing support to what is probably one of the stupidest websites every created.

It’s also cotton!

At least 50% cotton depending on the size you ordered.

So order your “At least 50% cotton symbol/statement/t-shirt” today by clicking here.

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