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Who Is The Rightful Ruler Of Metsteros: Comparing The New York Mets Ownership to Game Of Thrones

Last Year's Map Of The Kingdom
I had no intention of bringing up Game of Thrones today but my fellow bloggers started some interesting comparisons between Mets ownership and the HBO mega-hit, which begins it's third season tonight.

Over at, the bestselling author Shannon Shark believes that the Mets are the Lannisters.

Here, he paints the picture of a team clumsily led by the child king Jeffy Joffrey:
...the kingdom is run by the son of the previous ruler.  The new leader is not particularly well liked and some question his leadership abilities. His upbringing has led him to be completely out of touch with the common folk, not that he cares.
Shannon also goes on to draw comparisons between Dickey and Ned Stark, Khal Drogo and Johan and the lovable bastards Jon Snow and Daniel Murphy.

The pick of Joffrey for Wilpon is not necessarily a bad choice, but it's also the easy choice. And while I love the idea of Terry Collins as the lovable half-man who keeps the family together I think there may be better comparisons out there.

Fortunately, Shannon is not your only option for Mets/GOT comparions. Over at  The Optimistic Mets Fan, Ceetar shared his thoughts on the topic.

Ceetar proposes that perhaps another family in New York is more Lannister-esque:
It’s easy to want to paint (the Wilpons) as bumbling, whiny child-kings, it certainly fits some of the narrative, but I don’t think Joffrey’s the best fit. If you think about it a little, the whole Lannister clan fits the Steinbrenner family better. Joffrey is a great fit for a younger George Steinbrenner, demanding things because he is king, chopping heads because he’s angry, and throwing hissy fits when the opposition has any success.
Ceetar instead proposes that the Wilpons are more in line with another GOT house:
The Wilpons are probably a better fit for Stannis Baratheon. Basically good, but completely unloved and bitter about that lack. He’s probably the rightful king, but no one really wants to see him on the throne. His actions are guided by a future-seeing witch woman, much like the Wilpons were guided by Bernie Madoff. He suffered a bad blow at the Battle of the Blackwater, but that looks to be behind him now.
This is an interesting take but it forces me to have a mental image of Madoff giving birth to a smoke monster. I thought maybe Omar Minaya is the witch but that image was worse, also in that version Omar rambles on for two hours about how the smoke monster can "hurt you in so many ways".

Personally, I believe the best fit for the Mets COO is none other than Theon Greyjoy.

When you think about it, Greyjoy really is the only true fit for Wilpon:
1) He has daddy issues.
2) He's desperate to prove himself, even if it means doing things that don't make strategic sense.
3) He's not as great as he believes he is.
4) Everyone under his "command" seems to be going along with him under the impression that "he'll tire himself out eventually and then we can all go home".
5) He shouldn't be trusted on a horse with his sister.
OK, maybe the horse/sister thing is a little unfair, but I still think Theon is the best fit.  What do you think? Sound of in the comments section or tweet me (@readtheapple), Shannon (@metspolice) or Ceetar (@ceetar) and let us know.

No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Follow me on Twitter @readtheapple.

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