Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blue Jays TV Network Steals Apple Graphic & Broadcasts It During Jays Game

Well it appears I have unintentionally pranked another TV network.  According to Chris Creamer's, Rodgers Sportsnet aired a graphic for an upcoming Alomar show during last night's Blue Jays broadcast using The Apple's phony Alomar plaque instead of the actual HOF one!  They even took care to remove my watermark.   Stay classy Toronto.  Read the whole story here.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mets Sweep Of Reds Shuts Down Daily News

Many of you who picked up an early edition of the Daily News this morning may have noticed a little problem with the sports section.  Apparently the newspaper was hit with a glitch that caused all of the text in the sports section to turn to gibberish text and symbols.  The cause of the glitch? Apparently it was the Mets sweep of the Cincinnati Reds.

Daily News employee Ken Jenkins explains, "Apparently, when the words "Mets complete 4-game sweep" were entered into the system it caused the proofreading function to overload and effected the entire system.  The strange text was only part of it.  Computers were shutting down and the entire printing facility lost power for 2 hours."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Apple Selfishly Says Goodbye To Carlos Beltran

Mets VP Dave Howard Finally Addresses "The Whole Urinal Situation"

For all the debate about the dimensions of the Mets ballpark, there is another topic that has drawn heated criticism from visitors to the home of the Mets.  I'm speaking of course, about the lack of dividers in between the state of the art flushless urinals in the restrooms at Citi Field.  But now, after much silence from the Mets on the issue, one Mets executive is finally speaking out on the issue.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alderson Pulling Out All The Stops To Get A Possible Beltran Trade Right

With the Mets are out from under the odious K-Rod option (and by the way, can anyone tell me why 15 minutes after he's not a Met that $17.5 million poison pill goes away and turns into a mutual option with the friggin' Brewers?), GM Sandy Alderson has turned his attention to getting the most for his hot commodity, Carlos Beltran.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bay Tweaks Hamstring - Immediately Placed On 60-Day DL By Mets

You can't say the Mets aren't proactive these days.

On Wednesday night leftfielder Jason Bay reported to the training staff and manager Terry Collins that his hamstring muscle was bothering him just a bit.  In the player's estimate he thought he was dealing with a one or two day ding.

The team sprung into action saying in a note to the press:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nice Video Jose, Don't Ever F@#$%& Do It Again: The Apple Breaks Down Jose Reyes Music Video

Jose Reyes.  Those two words have inspired a lot of debate and conversation among Mets fans this year.  Some want him traded while his value is at it's highest.  Others like myself want to keep him around.  I have had a love/hate relationship with Jose throughout his career.  There have been times when he's done stuff that has driven me up the wall, but then he goes and finds a way to totally redeem himself like he did most recently by releasing his epically cheesy music video.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Caption This Mets Photo: Results

So last week I asked you guys to come up with some caption for this pic I made.  As always, you guys didn't disappoint. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order:

Friday, July 15, 2011

Damn Phillies Come In And Jack Up Our Ticket Prices Tonight

I'll be watching from the luxury suite also known as my living room.  But for those of you planning to make the trip you can score some sweet tickets here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Caption This Mets Photo

For some reason I made this today but I don't have a story to go with it.  Let's see if you guys can come up with something.  Throw your own captions in the comments section.  It's not a contest but the funniest one will earn my respect and that's worth more than any prize...right?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sandy Alderson Puts K-Rod Up For Sale On eBay

Sandy Alderson, proactive as always, has decided to market his closer Francisco Rodriguez in a new innovative way.  He has put him up for auction at Ebay.

We found him listed under  Sporting Goods > Outdoor Sports > Baseball > Pitchers > Closers > RH'd

The detailed information we found when we clicked on the link said:

Beltran Spends Home Run Derby Selfishly Stealing Baseballs From Children

It was supposed to be a dream come true for a group of youngsters at the All-Star game in Arizona last night.  The chance to play the outfield at a major league ballpark and catch fly balls hit by your heroes.  But thanks to the game's most selfish player, the dream turned into a nightmare for many kids at last night's State Farm Home Run Derby.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wilpon Says Mets Plan To Retire Jeter's #2

The New York media has been flooded with Derek Jeter Mania.  Half of all the sports pages in town have been profiles, biographies, and testimonials to the storied Yankee captain.

And on a Saturday afternoon when the only things to watch sports-wise was the Yankees or a womens soccer match, Jeter came through big time punctuating his climb to immortality with a five hit performance, the second of which was a homerun to left field for hit #3000.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Reyes Injury Shifts The Spotlight Onto The Mets First Openly Bay Player

While Jose Reyes latest trip to the DL comes as a disappointment to all, there is one Mets player who is enjoying an unintended benefit.  After being cast aside by fans for most of the year, Jason Bay has been thrust into the spotlight and so far he has responded with improved performance on the field.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apparently The New York Times Makes Up Fake Mets News Too...

So I was reading this piece about Reyes on the New York Times website when this paragraph caught my eye:
But if he (Reyes) gets nervous about being labeled as injury-prone and the Mets decided to take advantage of some perceived vulnerability and make him a great offer, he might be inclined to at least listen. But it would have to be a tremendous offer to persuade him to forgo free agency.
I can't help but wonder why the writer stopped at just one fantasy scenario.  If you're going to pull stuff out of your ass you really should go the full nine.  What if Reyes is bitten by a radioactive spider?  What if the Mets are purchased by Jay-Z.  What if Zombies attack the stadium?

Terry Collins Invited To Speak To Congress About Doing More With Less

Terry Collins has been receiving a lot of praise lately around NY.  Some pundits have even gone as far as to suggest that the Mets skipper should win the Manager Of The Year award for his ability to do more with less.  Apparently someone in our nation's capital must have heard the same praise because Collins has been invited to speak to Congress during the All-Star break.  The theme of his speech: doing more with less.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MLB Planning To Use Moving Walkways To Help Out Of Shape American League Pitchers Avoid Injury

Moving sidewalks are apparently not just for airports anymore.  According to at least one MLB executive, the league is considering using moving sidewalks in National League parks during interleague play in 2012 as a way to keep American League pitchers from hurting their precious little legs.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Todays Mets/Yankees Pitching Match-Up Is Brought To You By...

G Cologne.

G Cologne: Inexpensive & Efficient


G Cologne: Surprisingly Effective...For Now


G Cologne: It'll eventually stop working, we're just not sure when

Friday, July 1, 2011

Even I Can't Make This Up: Minor League Team Pulls A Boner With New Mascot

The Amarillo Sox of the American Association unveiled their new mascot this week.  Normally, this would be about as big a story as Scott Hairston getting a haircut but thanks to some folks who either never actually looked at the costume or just wanted some free pub, the team is making headlines.  Big penis shaped headlines.  Read more here.

Thanks to @dr4sight for finding this one

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