Thursday, July 7, 2011

Terry Collins Invited To Speak To Congress About Doing More With Less

Terry Collins has been receiving a lot of praise lately around NY.  Some pundits have even gone as far as to suggest that the Mets skipper should win the Manager Of The Year award for his ability to do more with less.  Apparently someone in our nation's capital must have heard the same praise because Collins has been invited to speak to Congress during the All-Star break.  The theme of his speech: doing more with less.

While Collins would not share his speech with us, his assistant did fax us a list of some of his planned talking points.  Some of the more interesting points are outlined below.

Section III - The Nick Evans Effect: In this section of his speech Collins warns the government about spending money on projects that may work at the local level but serve no real purpose in the big picture.

Section VI - Safety In Numbers: Collins suggest throwing a lot of guys at the economic problem and just seeing what sticks.  He credits this approach for his entire infield.

Section IX - Parnell-Care: Here Collins compares Medicare to Bobby Parnell when he calls it "a good tool but one that is not functioning as well it should be."

Section XII - Know Your Options, Then Ignore Them - The K-Rod Dilemma: If someone was dumb enough to make a bad deal in the past, don't let it change the way you do things in the present.  You must still use your best tools available to win the game. Worry about the costs later and make your fans happy now.

Collins even plans to divert from the economy to take on a much more important topic:

Section XV - Don't Put Pictures Of Your Junk On The Internet: Collins warns about the dangers of posting pictures on "the tweeter" and the "facespace"
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