Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bleacher Report Rips Off The Apple, Calls It News

Apparently three disclaimers per page is not enough for the folks at Bleacher Report who took yesterday's BJ Club post and reported it as real news.  I use the term reported loosely because it seems like BR's "Mets Featured Columnist" just copied and pasted whole chunks of my story and stuck his name on it. At least they left my watermark on the image.

I'm not terribly upset but I do expect a full apology from Bleacher Report, preferably in slideshow format.

If anyone should be upset it's the Mets.  At least when I make stuff up about them, I have the decency to say that it's not real.


  1. Randy,

    On behalf of the Bleacher Report team, I want to apologize for the lapse in judgment displayed by a member of our writer base. Not only did the writer fail to attribute his source (a form of plagiarism), he also failed to recognize the satirical nature of your post. The offending piece has been removed from our site, and we're addressing the matter with the writer internally.

    Coincidentally, a mailing went out to all active B/R writers this morning outlining strict guidelines for sourcing content. It's a shame it wasn't sent in time to prevent this incident.

    You're welcome to contact me directly with any questions.

    Dan Bonato
    Copy Chief

  2. Congrats Randy! You fooled another sucker. A Plagiarist sucker at that!


  3. LOL Be nice David. It was a kid.

  4. bleacher report is an amateur crap website


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