Wednesday, March 9, 2011

R.A. Dickey's Pre-Game Facial Stretching Routine Starting To Creep Out Teammates

Mets fans love R.A. Dickey, and with good reason.  Besides being the Mets most reliable starter in 2010, Dickey also makes and awesome yelling face when he pitches.  The man has mastered the art of throwing the softest pitch in baseball while making a face as if he was throwing the hardest pitch in baseball history.

What many fans don't realize is that Dickey actually puts himself through a rigorous pre-game facial stretching routine to keep his face limber.  While it is not unusual for players to stretch before a game, most don't have quite the routine as R.A.

Two hours before every start, Dickey can be found in the Mets clubhouse on a table with his head wrapped in a towel while two large Norwegian men named Sven and Thor massage his face while wearing white gloves.  While teammates all love Dickey they are not so fond of the bizarre pre-game ritual.

"Everybody has to do what they gotta do.", said Jose Reyes  "But that is just plain weird, Papi."

 Jason Bay elaborated, "These face guys travel with the team. They're creepy.  Even creepier than Wright's super tight shirts."

Dickey tells The Apple that his teammates will just have to "get used to it" and that as long as he continues winning, "Sven and Thor are here to stay"

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