Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bleacher Report Apologizes To The Apple...Via Slideshow

If you were on the site earlier you may have noticed I was a little miffed at Bleacher Report for copying one of my stories.  Well, the good people at Bleacher Report issued an apology this afternoon.  And because it's Bleacher Report, they apologized by slideshow.  Check it out:

OK, so that didn't really happen but this did:


On behalf of the Bleacher Report team, I want to apologize for the lapse in judgment displayed by a member of our writer base. Not only did the writer fail to attribute his source (a form of plagiarism), he also failed to recognize the satirical nature of your post. The offending piece has been removed from our site, and we're addressing the matter with the writer internally.

Coincidentally, a mailing went out to all active B/R writers this morning outlining strict guidelines for sourcing content. It's a shame it wasn't sent in time to prevent this incident.

You're welcome to contact me directly with any questions.

Dan Bonato
Copy Chief 


  1. LMAO at the slideshow. Man, I hate those things!!

  2. Deadspin used that same "message from a B/R employee in slideshow form" joke, so way to rip someone off while complaining about someone else ripping you off...

    Anyway, Barstool NY also seemingly mistook your article as being for real, so I'm not sure what this says about our Mets that this was so believable:

  3. Whoa Whoa Whoa Rivers, lets get the facts straight. I've been ripping off The Onion for a whole year now. Deadspin will have to wait in line.


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