Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beltran Denies That Move To Right Was Motivated By Selfish Desire To Be Closer To Fried Seafood

Carlos Beltran is being hailed by Mets fans a media this week as team player after he announced yesterday that he would change his position to accommodate his more mobile teammate Angel Pagan.  For Beltran, it marks the first time in a long time that Mets fans are viewing him as having a "team first" attitude.  Unfortunately, a new report by the website FanGraphs seems to suggest that the former center fielder may have had a more selfish reason to change positions.

According to this chart by FanGraphs, Beltran's projected range will easily allow him to reach the Catch Of Day seafood stand at Citi Field, with some more ambitious projections even suggesting that with the right wind conditions, Beltran could even cover the Rums of Puerto Rico Bar. 

Why is this significant?

According to sources close to the team, Beltran has been fond of the food at Catch Of The Day since the ballpark opened in 2009.  One source even tells The Apple that Beltran has even made the occasional between-inning run for fried fish during games.  The source, who we'll simply refer to as Jeff F., tells us that he wouldn't be surprise if the whole move is just about seafood.

The Apple caught up with Beltran at the Mets facilities in Port St. Lucie on Tuesday and he discussed the rumor.
"Look.  I love the flounder sandwich.  I see no reason to lie to about that.  But this move is all about the team and doing what I can to help us win, no matter how delicious the shrimp po' boy is."
Beltran also vehemently denied ever going for fish during a game.  However, The Apple has obtained this photo that seems to show otherwise:
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