Friday, October 7, 2011

Are The Mets Going Too Far To Appease Fans Who Miss Shea Stadium?

In 2009 the Mets moved into Citi Field, a world class ballpark that many New Yorkers say is superior to the Yankees entertainment complex in the Bronx.  However a lot of Mets fans have been slow to embrace the new park as home.  While this is most likely has more to do with the team that plays there, Citi has hosted three losing teams in it's three seasons, the Mets organization has constantly taken steps to make the new ballpark feel more like the old park.  While I understand the front office wanting to make people feel as comfortable at possible where do you draw the line.  I was at Citi Field today to meet with my ticket rep and took this picture:
I think it's a bit much.

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