Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mets Announce New "Alternate" Mascot For 2012

Mets fans have spoken and the team is listening. Yesterday evening the Mets sent me this email:

Dear Randy,
We appreciate your humorous take on Citi Field and we have seen the reactions from the fans both on your site and on Metsblog.  We want you to know that we are listening.  Clearly the connection to Shea is a lot stronger than we originally thought.  We were under the impression that teams move into nicer new stadiums all the time and their fans don't flip out about it.  Clearly we have seen the error of our ways and we would like you to help us make an announcement on your site.  (No we didn't re-sign Jose).  Beginning with the 2012 season, Mr. Met will be joined by a new mascot.  A mascot that honor's the history of Shea Stadium.  His name will be Shea McShea Shea and he will roam Citi Field helping people cope with their loss.  We think he will be an instant fan favorite.  So please let your readers know that we hear their concerns and if possible, can they please stop sending those envelopes of white powder to our offices?
Dave Howard
All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Follow me on Twitter @readtheapple.

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