Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mets Hoping Frozen Ollie Perez Will Boost Fan Interest In Citi Pond

Winter is just around the corner and once again Citi and the Mets have teamed up to sponsor the Citi Pond ice skating rink in Bryant Park.  While the sponsorship has been great for Citi, the Mets have found that interest from their fan base has been lukewarm at best.  In the hopes of turning that around Citi Pond will open this Friday with a new feature; a frozen Oliver Perez.

Why would Mets fans care about skating around an ice statue of one of the most hated Mets in recent memory you ask? Because it isn't a statue.  The Mets have frozen the lefty and plan to keep him frozen for Mets fans to enjoy all winter.

"Yell at him, give him the bird, whatever you want.", says a representative for Citi Pond.  "Technically, you're not allowed to spit at him but we're gonna look the other way on that one."

Can a person survive being frozen that long.

"We're not really sure.  We were worried at first but no one else seemed to care so we just decided to go with the flow and not think about it too much."

If you want to get in on the fun, frozen Ollie will be on display starting this Friday and continuing through February 26th.  After that he will either be thawed out and revived or blended into margaritas.  An official decision has not been made.

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