Saturday, March 19, 2011

Police Called In When Mets Fans Celebration Of Castillo's Release Turns Violent

All over New York on Friday, Mets fans celebrated the release of second baseman, and long time fan whipping boy, Luis Castillo.  While many of the celebrations were peaceful, in some parts of New York, things quickly turned ugly.
In Midtown, a peaceful group of fans held up signs signaling the end of the Castillo era in New York.  "Ollie's Next! Ollie's Next!", the crowd chanted in unison.

Meanwhile in Astoria, riot police had to be called in when the celebration became a little too overzealous and some minor looting took place.  As has become the custom with riots and sports celebrations, a police car was destroyed and vandalized.

But perhaps the strangest clash happened in Flushing, where a group of fans supporting something called a "Pomes" chained themselves to the entrance of Citi Field and vowed not to let Sandy Alderson or Carlos Beltran in the building ever again.  They were removed by police with minimal resistance.

The Apple cannot confirm what this "pomes" thing is but we assume it's some kind of cake.

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  1. this is beautiful.. thank you

  2. You should have seen the wild party that night at Duffy's in Port St. Lucie celebrating Castillo's release. Extra security will be brought in for the next one (Oliver Perez).


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