Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mets GM Sandy Alderson Not Ruling Out Trading Collins/Himself

The baseball world is all abuzz about the gleeful upbeat organized training camp Terry Collins has run for the Mets. His players have taken to his stewardship admirably and they seem to like their weekly bowling outings so much that Ike Davis says he might actually start sticking his fingers into the ball next time.

It has gotten to the point that GM Sandy Alderson has received calls from at least three other teams inquiring whether he would be willing to trade Collins over to them in exchange for their manager.
Alderson addressed this at a recent press conference.
"We love Terry and certainly didn't hire him in order just to trade him. That being said, our "Moneyball" heritage tells us to use any and all methods to acquire undervalued talent.

The teams that have called us want to swap managers and we would consider this if we were getting calls from Minnesota (Gardenhire) or Anaheim (Scioscia). But they're not the ones doing the calling.
In order to even consider letting Terry go we would have to be hearing the names of several top prospects and then we would promote a manager from within. After all, we have Oberkfell and Hale clamoring for the job here on the big club's staff. And Backman is churning down at double-A. He thinks he should have gotten Terry's gig in the first place. He's a pistol, really.

Speaking of non-on-the-field assets. We even got one call from a team asking about acquiring Depodesta. Their offer was pretty weak but perhaps that will change. It's the reason I told Paul and (JP) Ricciardi to 'rent, not buy, when moving to the New York area'".
Alderson was asked if there are other possibilities in a move of Collins.
"Of course, if a team wanted a package deal - perhaps taking on one of our less desirable contracts (Translation: Castillo or Beltran or God-willing Oliver Perez) we might entertain the idea of Collins plus a player for some salary relief. You know, I'm flexible."
Almost jokingly one of the reporters asked about the possibility of Alderson trading himself. The GM chuckled and then said,

"I don't see that happening. But if a large market playoff contending team really needed a GM and wanted to move some decent players and/or prospects to us then, you know, I'd have to listen."
He paused and then added,

"But one thing's for sure. That team would have to be one that never heard of Bernie Madoff!"
All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Story by Larry Smith.  You can follow Larry Smith on twitter @dr4sight

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