Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apparently The New York Times Makes Up Fake Mets News Too...

So I was reading this piece about Reyes on the New York Times website when this paragraph caught my eye:
But if he (Reyes) gets nervous about being labeled as injury-prone and the Mets decided to take advantage of some perceived vulnerability and make him a great offer, he might be inclined to at least listen. But it would have to be a tremendous offer to persuade him to forgo free agency.
I can't help but wonder why the writer stopped at just one fantasy scenario.  If you're going to pull stuff out of your ass you really should go the full nine.  What if Reyes is bitten by a radioactive spider?  What if the Mets are purchased by Jay-Z.  What if Zombies attack the stadium?

I'm probably just being overly critical but this just sounds like the kind of stuff that will eventually lead to "the Mets blew a huge opportunity to re-sign Reyes" when no such opportunity ever existed outside of the writer's mind.

Ok I'm done pontificating for the evening.  Come back in the morning for something really stupid.

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