Friday, July 29, 2011

Mets Sweep Of Reds Shuts Down Daily News

Many of you who picked up an early edition of the Daily News this morning may have noticed a little problem with the sports section.  Apparently the newspaper was hit with a glitch that caused all of the text in the sports section to turn to gibberish text and symbols.  The cause of the glitch? Apparently it was the Mets sweep of the Cincinnati Reds.

Daily News employee Ken Jenkins explains, "Apparently, when the words "Mets complete 4-game sweep" were entered into the system it caused the proofreading function to overload and effected the entire system.  The strange text was only part of it.  Computers were shutting down and the entire printing facility lost power for 2 hours."

The glitch was eventually isolated and fixed but that didn't stop several thousand misprinted early editions from reaching newsstands.

"We had an expert come in and check the entire system.", said Jenkins.  "It turns out that it could have happened at any time.  The MC4GS glitch was there since the computerized system went into effect decades ago.  As it turns out it just never came up."

So is the system completely fixed?

"Well there is still one vulnerability but what are the odds that we'll ever have to type the words 'Mets Pitcher Tosses No-Hitter'?"

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