Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beltran Spends Home Run Derby Selfishly Stealing Baseballs From Children

It was supposed to be a dream come true for a group of youngsters at the All-Star game in Arizona last night.  The chance to play the outfield at a major league ballpark and catch fly balls hit by your heroes.  But thanks to the game's most selfish player, the dream turned into a nightmare for many kids at last night's State Farm Home Run Derby.

"All I wanted was to catch a ball hit by my favorite player, Prince Fielder.", said 9-year old Timmy Flynn.  "It was coming right at me.  I was going to catch it.  Then all I saw was a blue and orange blur and it was all over."

Several youngsters told us similar stories of the blur that robbed them of their moment.  That blur, as it turns out, was none other than Mets right fielder Carlos Beltran.

Apparently, Beltran, upset that he will be DHing tomorrow at the All-Star Game, decided to put on a fielding exhibition to show potential employers that he can still play the outfield  Unfortunately for the youngsters selected to shag flies at the derby, this exhibition came at their expense.

Beltran was unapologetic when asked about the situation.  "I'm playing for a contract, bro.", said Beltran. "If that means robbing a small child of their dreams, I'm OK with that."

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