Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alderson Pulling Out All The Stops To Get A Possible Beltran Trade Right

With the Mets are out from under the odious K-Rod option (and by the way, can anyone tell me why 15 minutes after he's not a Met that $17.5 million poison pill goes away and turns into a mutual option with the friggin' Brewers?), GM Sandy Alderson has turned his attention to getting the most for his hot commodity, Carlos Beltran.

All the rumor sites are filled with Beltran speculation.  It's the Giants, no it's the Phillies, maybe the Pirates, and maybe that other league with the guys who don't have to play the field.   It's dizzying I tell you.

Well apparently it can all be overwhelming for the GM as well. The Apple has learned that Alderson has leased an abandoned warehouse in Rego Park through July.  The warehouse, wired with 30 separate telephone lines, has been serving as one part base of operation and one part secret lair since late June. Picture a Jerry Lewis Telethon and that's pretty much what it looks like.

The plan has been to have all the Mets' advance scouts (and a few members of the grounds crew)  man the phones 24/7 with each line connected to another major league GM and one connected to Beltran's agent to see if he would accept a trade to the high bidder.

Alderson has apparently been sleeping on a cot he had rolled in and plans to live in the warehouse until the clock strikes 4PM on July 31st.

According to a source close to the Mets GM, Alderson understands the importance of appearances in New York City.  If he can't get back a haul for Beltran, at the very least he wants to show everyone how hard he tried.

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Story by Larry Smith.  You can follow Larry Smith on twitter @dr4sight     

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