Friday, July 8, 2011

Reyes Injury Shifts The Spotlight Onto The Mets First Openly Bay Player

While Jose Reyes latest trip to the DL comes as a disappointment to all, there is one Mets player who is enjoying an unintended benefit.  After being cast aside by fans for most of the year, Jason Bay has been thrust into the spotlight and so far he has responded with improved performance on the field.

This performance has not gone unnoticed by Mets fans.  Bay has earned himself a new legion of fans.  They call themselves Baylords and they follow Bay and the Mets everywhere they go.  We caught up with some at Dodger Stadium before the finale of the Mets four game series against the Dodgers and they explained their devotion.

"It's mostly just a lack of options.", said one Baylord. "Reyes, Beltran and who knows who else may be gone soon. We have to root for someone.  Jason Bay is the only player it would seem no one else is interested in.  So for now we're all about Bay Pride!"

The group is so devoted that they have contracted Mets t-shirt maker Darren Meenan of The 7 Line to print up special "Bay Pride" shirts.  According to Meenan the shirts are quickly becoming a top seller.  "I can't print these things fast enough.", Meenan told The Apple. "Who knew so many Mets fans were Baylords."

Tonight Jason Bay and his new fan club are in San Francisco to take on the Giants.  So many of Jason Bays fans met the team at the airport that manager Terry Collins commented, "Wow! San Francisco is absolutely full of Baylords!"

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