Sunday, March 3, 2013

Not Just A PR Stunt, Mets Jay Horwitz Will Compete For Starting RF Job

It would seem that after failing at convential methods of aquiring outfield talent, Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson is taking an unconventional route to upgrading his outfield. Alderson is reaching into a new untapped resource for talent...the Mets own front office.

On Saturday afternoon the Mets tweeted this photo:
Most fans laughed it off as some PR hi-jinx, but not Alderson. He saw an opportunity, immediately activating Horwitz and throwing him into the competition for the starting RF job.

While most scouts around baseball have universally dismissed Horwitz as being past his prime, Alderson is not so quick to join in. According to the Mets GM, Howritz has "Baerga-like" speed on the bases with the reflexes of an aging Mo-Vaughn and the power of young Rey Ordonez.

But can the Mets PR director make the cut? Given the performance of his competition, he's got a shot.

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