Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't Ever Poke Fun At Alyssa Milano Or You Will Incur The Wrath Of Twitter

I've made fun of a lot of athletes and celebrities on The Apple and sadly, no one ever got offended.  Well it seems I have finally struck a nerve when I added Alyssa Milano, who I actually really like, to my list of unlikely ownership candidates for the Mets.

It seems Alyssa wasn't amused:

Nor were her fans:
Wasn't really expecting such a reaction but I guess it's better than this:

PS- Alyssa is still cool in my book.


  1. Wow.

    Some people are just SO sensitive.

    Thing is, she might actually be a competent owner. She should have been flattered

  2. She's certainly proven herself as quite the entrepreneur. I doubt she's actually mad and I know I'm not. I love Alyssa. Just an excuse to roll out that Family Guy clip. Classic.

  3. I'm thinking her response was specifically to the uniform photoshop. Surely she knows it's all in fun, but she HAD to defend herself and her line from that particular atrocity.

    Of course you do realize your blog (and quite possibly your life) is all downhill once Alyssa Milano has personally acknowledged you, right?


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