Saturday, February 5, 2011

Omar Epps: For The Last Time I Am Not Mike Tomlin

Fans across the nation are catching Super Bowl fever as we are now less than 24 hours away from the big game.  But there is one man who is apparently already fed up with all the hype.  That man?  Actor Omar Epps.  The 37 year old Brooklyn native has had a long career starring in such films as Juice, Higher Learning and most recently the Fox show House.  Epps is used to attention but in the past few years he's been getting a different kind of attention.

Epps called a press conference outside of his home on Saturday afternoon to finally clear the air.  The actor made the following statement:
"I wanted to get everyone here together to clear the air once and for all.  I don't want to have to say this again.  For the last time, I am not Mike Tomlin.  I have no special inside knowledge about the Steelers or tomorrow's game.  I don't know if Maurkice Pouncey is playing. I don't know anything about any piano bar.  I am Omar Epps.  Please leave me alone."
After Epps was done he sat down with The Apple at a local sports bar and explained his reasons for calling the conference.  "Look, I've been acting a long time.", said Epps.  "I'm used to people coming up to me on the street and I always try to be cool about it but lately I'm getting all kinds of football fans and even some reporters wanting to talk to me about my strategy for the game."

While Epps had hoped this press conference would put an end to the confusion, he apparently has more work to do.  While we were talking two men in Packers jerseys walked by the table and shouted "You're going down on Sunday, Tomlin!" before running off.  Epps just smiled and shrugged his shoulders as if to say, "See what I mean."

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