Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sandy Alderson Already Growing Tired Of Adam Rubin's Constant Lobbying

When Adam Rubin sees a job opening he goes after it.  Apparently the ESPN reporter who once drew the ire of former Mets GM Omar Minaya has set his sights on a new prize: a spot in the Mets bullpen.

A source close to the situation tells The Apple that Rubin has targeted the bullpen as his shot to realize his repressed dream of being a big league ballplayer and has not been shy about letting the current GM, Sandy Alderson, know about it.

According to reports, Rubin has been showing up at camp in full uniform and hanging around the GM all day.  When a someone needs to warm up or play catch the ESPN reporter is always the first to volunteer until someone reminds him that the team has actual coaches for that.

Though initially amused by the whole thing, Alderson has apparently grown tired of the constant brown-nosing.  "I knew when I took the job that it would mean dealing with the New York media.", Alderson told The Apple. "But I never expected this.  It's bad enough I'll have to tell Luis to pack up and go home at some point this Spring, now I have to cut a guy who's not even on the roster to begin with?"

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