Wednesday, February 23, 2011

David Wright Quietly Cancels Mets Clubhouse Poker Room Renovations

Earlier this week the Mets card-playing habits became the focus of a New York Post article.  Team mouthpiece and card player extraordinaire David Wright handled the "controversy" in his usual composed fashion by telling the Post, "In the seven years I've been here . . . cards are a part of baseball, I think. But it's very important also that it's not a distraction and it doesn't get in the way of someone's preparation."

However The Apple has learned that Wright may not have been so calm and collected once the interview was over.  Shortly after speaking to The Post, a Digital Domain Field clubhouse employee overheard the Mets third baseman speaking frantically into his cell phone.

According to the clubhouse attendant, Wright could be heard saying, "I don't care if it's already set it up. Get it out of there.  This new guy is not gonna go for it."  

As we would later find out, Wright had, with the blessings of the former GM and manager, arranged some offseason "improvements" to the Mets clubhouse in Flushing.  With Terry Collins and has strict card cutoff rules, Wright was frantically trying to get the stuff out of the clubhouse before the his new manager got wind of it. 

The Apple sent a photographer to Flushing and we were able to get this picture before workers began packing the stuff up.
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