Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ted "Golden Voice" Williams To Join Cast Of SNY's Beer Money

The internet is abuzz this week with constant updates about Ted Williams.  No not that Ted Williams.  Ted "The Golden Voice" Williams made national headlines this week with his touching story of a flawed man with a golden voice.

Since video of his voice went viral earlier this week the homeless man has been inundated with offers from everything from TV to radio.  Never one to miss an opportunity, SNY has made a formal offer to Williams to join the cast of the networks highest rated show, re-runs of Beer Money.
According to a source at SNY, the network will record Williams against a green screen and digitally insert him into old episodes of the hit TV show where contestants can win a life-changing $130.

"By simply adding Mr. Williams digitally we can save money on production.", says a producer for the show. "We can add new life to these and increase the amount of showings of Beer Money to 26 times a day"  Beer Money currently only airs 22 times a day.

If the plan works, SNY plans to also insert Williams into episodes of The Wheelhouse and Loudmouths. 

"We were worried that it might not make sense but then we remembered nobody on those shows ever makes any sense."

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