Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day: Mets Trade Perez and Castillo To New York City Sanitation Department

In a surprise move on Wednesday, the New York Mets announced that they have traded Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo to the NYC Department of Sanitation to assist in snow removal.  The terms of the deal haven't been entirely released but it is being rumored that the Mets will receive cash considerations and a special unlimited gold Metrocard for Fred Wilpon.

Alderson announced the trade alongside New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Citi Field this morning.  The press was invited but almost no one showed up because the streets around the stadium were an absolute disaster, also there was a lot of snow.

Mayor Bloomberg praised the trade as a good deal for both the city and the Mets.  Then he repeated his praise in some of the worst Spanish you have ever heard. 

"Eh-stow ehs uhn bwain negoh-shio pah-rah la sea-uh-dad ee los Mets"

After the conference, Sandy Alderson spoke candidly with The Apple about the deal.  "Moving these two was always going to be about finding a desperate buyer in just the right situation.", said Alderson.  "You've got to find someone with an even bigger history of taking on bad contracts than us.  Enter New York City."

Apparently the city wasted no time putting the pair to use as they were spotted shoveling snow near Times Square this morning.  Unfortunately the duo had to be re-assigned to a more remote location when people began pelting them with snowballs.

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