Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mets Announce Plan To Cut Costs In 2011 By Only Showing Public Domain Movies At Citi Field

Ever since stadiums and arenas began getting big screen scoreboards installed, it has become a tradition to fire up the crowd with a scene from an inspirational sports film like Hoosiers or maybe get a laugh out of the fans with a clip from Bull Durham.  But what many of you may not realize is that this is also big business.  Hollywood studios have become more and more diligent about checking up on where these clips are being shown and demanding royalties be paid accordingly.

On Tuesday morning the Mets announced that with their budget being stretched as much as it possibly can, it is simply bad business to just go throwing money at Hollywood just to show the "Mad as Hell" clip from the movie "Network".

Instead the Mets have announced that any and all clips shown at Citi this year will be taken from the public domain.  For those unfamiliar with the concept, any movies or music whose publishing rights have been forfeited or expired become part of public domain and are free for anyone to use.

The Mets are convinced that the new videos they are preparing will be just as exciting and to prove it they have released this preview of one of the videos they plan on using in 2011 to amp up the crowd for a Mets rally.  The video features the 1936 American classic Reefer Madness with music by 2 Unlimited.  While 2 Unlimited is not in the public domain the Mets were pleasantly surprised to find out that all they wanted was 36 cents and a six pack of Heineken.  Enjoy!

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  1. We don't wan to give Met fans any ideas do we?

    Imagine if this clip were shown during the Castillo game?

    Oh the humanity!!


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