Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ray Ramirez Fired From Second Straight Winter Job, Blamed For Massive Fish Death In Maryland

Ray Ramirez's winter of discontent continued on Wednesday when he was let go from his second job of the winter.  In December, the Mets trainer was fired from his job as strength and conditioning coach for the Broadway musical Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark.  Now it appears Ramirez will be looking for work again as he has been let go from his new position with the Maryland Department of the Environment.

The bad news for Ramirez comes one day after news broke that two million dead fish were found floating on the Chesapeake Bay.  On January 1st, Ramirez was appointed strength and conditioning coach for Maryland aquatic wildlife.  Two days later there were millions of dead fish floating in the bay.

While scientist agree that spot fish is vulnerable to winter water temperature changes and that these kinds of mass die-offs have happened several times in the past, the Maryland Department of the Environment is taking no chances.  "We decided that, given his record, letting Mr. Ramirez go was our best option.", said a spokesperson for the organization. "We wish him luck with his future endeavors."

While disappointed with the decision, Ramirez remained positive and told the Apple that the firing will give him time to begin working with new Mets pitchers Chris Capuano and Taylor Buchholz.

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