Friday, January 14, 2011

Bobby Valentine To Appear On Upcoming Episode Of Undercover Boss

Earlier this week, news broke that former Mets manager Bobby Valentine has taken a job overseeing the Police, Fire and Health departments of Stamford, Connecticut.  Valentine is a native of Stamford and see's the position as a way to give back to the city.  Of course, at the end of the day, Bobby Valentine is going to be Bobby Valentine and word is he's already up to some of his old tricks.

The Apple has learned that CBS spent last week with the former Mets skipper filming an episode of their hit show Undercover Boss.  For those unfamiliar with the show, executives go undercover as low level employees to gain a better insight into the companies they run.  Valentine went undercover to get more insight into the inner workings of the city's various emergency services. 

Donning his signature fake mustache and glasses, Valentine spoke with various Stamford emergency workers, all of whom instantly knew they were talking to Valentine.  "It was kind of funny", said firefighter Terry Miller.  "We knew it was him but he was so into it we didn't have the heart to tell him so we just played along."

Undercover Boss: Stamford is currently scheduled to air in February.

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