Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chris Young To Mets Being Held Up By Name Change

According to reports, the Mets are getting close to signing right handed pitcher Chris Young. Young reportedly likes the Mets. The Mets reportedly like Young. So what's the hold up. According to sources, it could be his name.

New Mets GM Sandy Alderson reportedly has a preference for alliterative names which he has demonstrated with the signings of Boof Bonser, Chris Capuano and Taylor Tankersley. The Mets have gone as far as to require a name change if Young wants to sign with New York.

The Mets have offered the former Padre his choice of either Yhris Young, Chris Coung or Yorkis Young in an attempt to appeal to the team's Dominican fan base.

Young isn't thrilled with any of his options but expects to make a decision soon. Young spoke with The Apple via telephone on Wednesday. "Yhris makes no sense so that is out.", said Young. "Yorkis is kind of cool but I don't think it fits me.  I'm really leaning towards Coung but it just sounds so dirty."

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