Monday, January 31, 2011

Kerel Cooper Is A Handsome Man and 3 Other Things I Learned Hanging Out With Other Mets Bloggers

In case you haven't already read about it on Mets Police or On The Black, a few of us got together on Saturday night to celebrate our hopeless addiction to Mets baseball.  The group consisted of Kerel Cooper (On The Black), Shannon Shark (Mets Police) and Mike Donato (Optimistic Mets Fan). Personally for me it was an enlightening evening as I learned a lot about the Mets and life in general.  Here are a few of the things I learned:

1) Kerel Cooper is a handsome man
No disrespect to the rest of the group but let's be honest, there's a reason why we write on the internet and are not on SNY.  Kerel is handsome in everyday life but by blogger standards this guy is scary good looking.  People walking by the bar would stop, come inside and ask Kerel to take pictures with their children.  My only complaint is that Kerel felt the need to post a video that not only proves that I look like I should be under a bridge challenging people to solve my riddles but that I also have a voice like Ray Romano.  Thanks K.

2) The Copper Mine Pub Is A Great Beer Bar
Located in North Arlington, NJ, the Copper Mine Pub is not a bustling night spot but instead a quiet little unassuming bar with a kick-ass beer selection.  If you wanna get your fist pump on, look elsewhere, but if you wanna drink excellent beer in a place I'm pretty sure used to be a pizzeria, this is your spot.

3) Mike Donato (aka @Ceetar) Needs To Check His Watch To Tell What Year It Is
Mike's knowledge of computers already had me suspicious of him, but when he looked at watch to check the year I was sure that he is indeed a cyborg sent back from the future to hunt down and destroy John Connor...and hopefully Ollie Perez as well.

4) Shannon Shark Is A Fraud
Shannon spends his day moaning about how the Mets need to remove all traces of black from their uniforms and then shows up at the bar in a green and black Mets jersey.  Watch how quick he changes the subject when confronted:


  1. Just be thankful you didn't ask me what day of the week it was. That kind of stuff requires entrails.

  2. Hey Randy,

    Just wanted to let you know thats not the real Shannon Shark. He sent a decoy. Thats his cousin Billy Barracuda.

    -Media Goon


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