Monday, January 10, 2011

Capuano To Instruct Mets Relievers/Manager On Segway Use

Apparently the Mets had an ulterior motive when they acquired Chris Capuano last week.  On Sunday in Port St. Lucie that motive became clear.   The Mets presented Capuano, a Segway enthusiast, with his own Mets branded Segway at their spring training complex.  But the gift does not come without a few strings attached.

According to reports, the Mets plan to use identical Segways to transport relievers from the bullpen to the mound as well as bring their manager out to make substitutions and argue with umpires.  Capuano, who welcomes the special assignment, worked with Terry Collins on a back field and offered his assessment. "He's a fast learner.", said Capuano.  "When he really gets the hang of this thing he is going to have Jose Reyes type speed.  He'll be able to be in the third base umps face before the poor guy knows what hit him."
As for the bullpen, the Mets are hoping that the reduced strain from walking in from the bullpen will add to fresher legs and more durable relievers.  Additionally, if K-Rod wants to punch somebody, the Segway will allow him to escape before the police arrive.

Capuano is expected to start working with relievers when pitchers and catchers report in less than 6 weeks.

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