Friday, January 28, 2011

Hi My Name Is Bobby And I'll Be Your Bartender Tonight

Aruba...Jamaica...Ooooh I wanna take ya
Those of you who live in the vicinity of Ridgefield, CT are in for treat on February 3rd when local traffic cop and former baseball manager Bobby Valentine will be serving up drinks for charity at Toscana restaurant in Ridgefield.

Fresh off his appearance on Undercover Boss, Bobby will be slinging drinks with 10% of the total bar bill for the evening will be donated to The NephCure Foundation and The Ridgefield Playhouse

Bobby is scheduled to serve drinks from 6PM to 9PM but get there early as he is undoubtedly going to become involved in a love triangle involving Elizabeth Shue at some point in the evening while the jukebox plays Kokomo by the Beach Boys on an endless loop.

UPDATE: In case there is any confusion given the nature of the Apple, allow me to clarify that this is indeed a real event.   Go here to read more about it.


  1. If this is true, then hell yeah!!!! Ridgefield represent!!!!!!!

  2. My snark aside, this is a real event for charity.


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