Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chris Young Disappointed That The Courtship With Mets Brass Is Over

On Monday January 17th Chris Young finally put ink to paper and signed with the New York Mets for the coming 2011 season. It's been known for a long time that the Mets had been in discussion with Young and his agent but we have learned that the wooing started way back on October 28th, 2010 the day Sandy Alderson assumed the job of Mets GM.

Chris described to us what he remembers from that day:

"I recall watching the press conference on SNY. Probably ten minutes after it was over my phone rang. It was Mr. Alderson introducting himself to me and telling me that I was just the kind of pitcher he was hoping to add to his staff. That really flattered me and gave me a good feeling about the team. He didn't want to go into any details but promised that he'd be 'in touch'."

And so it went as not a day went by without Alderson or one of his top aides calling, texting, sending postcards, or doing other things. Chris added:

"Sometimes it was just a corsage delivered to the house with the small note saying, 'Be A Met'. One day they sent a box of chocolates that was so big I had to share it with the neighbor kids. It has been just a great three months. But really the best time was three weeks ago when Mr. DePodesta came and stayed with me for the weekend. We played catch in the back yard just like I had a big brother. Then I beat him at racketball. Then next day he won when we played a couple sets of tennis. He took me to dinner at the Olive Garden. All the while there was no pressure to sign. They just wanted me to know that they cared."

Time went on and the Mets added a few players but always stayed in touch. But Young noticed a change as soon as Jeff Francis signed his deal with K.C.  According to the pitcher, the Mets' attitude changed. While someone from the front office called everyday now the calls were urging him to sign. Finally Chris relented and signed.

"As soon as I signed I realized that that might be it. Sure enough I haven't heard from anyone - not Mr. Alderson, Mr. DePodesta, or even J.P. (Mr. Ricciardi told me I could call him by his first initials). Had I known it was going to be like this I either would not have signed or would have dragged the negotiations out further. Being courted was just so much fun. But now I guess it's over."

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Story by Larry Smith.  You can follow Larry Smith on twitter @dr4sight

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