Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Willie Harris Abducted By Aliens...Then Returned Because Of Poor Play

The Mets front office spent a large portion of the off day Monday contemplating how they were going to replace Willie Harris.  As it turned out they didn't have to.  Reports surfaced on Monday that late Sunday night, the Mets "outfielder" was abducted by aliens but late Monday night Harris phoned Mets GM Sandy Alderson to let him know he would be available Tuesday.

According to Harris, he was taken to compete in an intergalactic baseball tournament featuring players of various species.  Harris was recruited because the creature that selected him had only seen video of Harris playing against the Mets.  Harris was returned after only one game in which he went 0-4 at the plate made two errors and stepped on a teammate's tentacle in the outfield. 

Harris will be back with the Mets when they open up against the A's at Citi Field tonight.  Meanwhile, there are reports that the aliens are headed to Japan to find Satoru Komiyama or as they put it, "this Japanese Greg Maddux we've heard so much about." 

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