Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mets T-Shirt Maker At Center Of Sweatshop Investigation

Mets fan Darren Meenan has been in the news a lot this week.  The self made T-shirt magnate has made the media rounds this week discussing his T-shirt business, a campaign to keep Jose Reyes in NY and his recent dismissal from Citi Field.  While most of the attention has been positive, the Douglaston native may soon find himself in some very hot water with the Feds.

A source close to an FBI investigation tells The Apple that Meenan and his 7 Line brand are the focus of an FBI investigation into the alleged use of sweatshop labor.  According to the source, Meenan, who claims to do 99% of the work at The 7 Line, has actually been employing hundreds of workers at a secret sweatshop somewhere in Queens.

A report leaked to The Apple accuses Meenan of running the sweatshop with an iron fist, threatening his workers with physical violence and often demanding that they work naked to insure that no one is stealing.

"This guy is the Nino Brown of sports T-shirts.", an unnamed source tells The Apple. 

Meenan refused to comment on the allegations but did tell The Apple that the investigation "was probably orchestrated by Fred Wilpon out of anger that The 7 Line sells more T-shirts in a week than the Citi Field shops sell in a year."

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. For some really cool and unique Mets T-Shirts, visit who doesn't actually use sweat shop least as far as we know.

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