Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lil' Murph's Diary: Lil' Murph Visits The Steel City

Dear Diary,

I am writing to you from on the plane that is taking us from Pittsburgh to Atlanta.  To tell the truth we seemed to be in Pittsburgh so long that I was ready to start apartment hunting.

It was a good and bad trip for me and for the team.  We split the four games and probably shoulda won more.  I got hits in all the games and have my average over .305 so I must be doing something right.

But let me fess up that I'm doing some things wrong too.  Take that ball that doinked off me on Saturday night.  I guess I kinda misplayed that baby and ouch, it hurt, to boot.  Saw it 70 million times on Sportscenter the next day.

Then on Sunday it looked for a second like I had left too early on Baysie's sac fly (yes Dear Diary, Jason did something to help us for a change).  I've been tossed out enough on the bases this year to think that maybe I really did leave too soon.  Turns out that it wasn't me (this time) but rather it was Angel who did some kind of straddly thing at 2B and then didn't retouch.  Ended up a DP but we got the run we needed.

And then on Monday I figured I'd be sitting since they was starting a lefty.  I'm guessing Nicky Evans would be at first for me.  Son of a gun, no one told me but Nicky was sent back to Buffalo when they brought the Dude back up.  (I wondered where Nicky was the last couple of days but was afraid to ask).   So I'm in there against Maholm and got a couple of singles off of him.

But I blew it on the bases again.  Got myself into a rundown, dammit (excuse the language Dear Diary) and probably helped blow the game for us.   I've been trying to figure out why I seem to be not as fast a runner as I think I am.  Best I can determine is that when I was just a first baseman then I didn't think I was real fast, sort of like how Ike and most of the other 1b-guys don't run good.  But since this year I am sort of a 2bman then maybe I convinced myself I had speed since most of those guys can motor.

Anyway they got me again and Terry was none too happy about it.  I REALLY have to do a better job as a baserunner.  Hitting .300 is nice but nobody's going to want a guy who keeps getting himself thrown out on the bases.

So it's on to Atlanta and maybe we can do something there although we almost never do.

P.S. Word is that David and Ikie are not anywhere close to returning so I guess I'll be out there til at least All Star Game time.  After all, against the righties, I am the CLEANUP hitter.  

Ain't that a kick?

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