Friday, June 17, 2011

Join The Apple & The 7 Line Tonight For "Don't Trade Reyes Part 2"

Join me tonight at the Shea Bridge in support of Darren Meenan and The 7 Line's "Don't Trade Reyes" movement.  In case you are unaware of what this is, Darren explains it a lot better than I could:

Two weeks ago we met up on the Shea Bridge to support our boy Jose. Tomorrow night we'll do it again. Lot's of you have gotten behind the Don't Trade Reyes movement and the more of us who show up to the games the better.

A handful of you have been going to games on the road while bringing your own signs. I can't even explain to you how awesome that is.

From what started off as tshirt designs turned into a media frenzy. Everyone
was talking about us and of course ownership hears it too. Me getting kicked out only gave The 7 Line and "Don't Trade Reyes" more steam.

Read here:

Countless media outlets heard about the Don't Trade Reyes rally and our loyal fan base. SNY, ESPN, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, WFAN, CBS, NBC, NY Times, NY Post, Daily News.... the list goes on.

You can show your support by meeting up tomorrow night on the Shea Bridge. I know this is short notice but I didn't want to twist anyones arms. If you are going to the game we would love to meet you. I will personally be on the Shea Bridge all game. Make signs, wear your Don't Trade Reyes tshirts and lets cheer on our #7 with hopes he will be re-signed. 

Hope to see you there tonight!

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