Sunday, June 12, 2011

Apparently Topps Baseball Card Company Is Unaware That Citi Field Has Been Open For Over Two Years

I picked up one of those team sets of Topps baseball cards the other day and was glad to see that Citi Field got a card this year...that is until I looked at it.  Nice picture Topps. You know they did finish the place right?

Citi is in it's third season of baseball and you couldn't be bothered to get a picture from when it was actually open?  My best guess puts this picture around February or March of 2009. 

Why not just use a picture of the ballpark covered in snow? 

Did you run out of pictures with cranes in them? 

I think I can see Shea in the lower left hand corner. 

Someone get the Mets Police on the phone.  I demand a new photo, a photo that shows the ballpark in it's completed state and full of people...well at least 40% - 60% full of people.

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