Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Citi Field Fence Redux

Given all the talk of Citi Field's dimensions that has sprung up, I thought it might me a good idea to re-post all my earlier fence ideas in one spot. I'm somewhat neutral on the whole moving the fences in so I tried to make my suggestions purely on added aesthetic value.  Here we go:

The "Great Wall Of Flushing":
While I don't really advocate adding seating in LF, here is one possible option.  The logistics of getting those people in or out of that new section are beyond me. This is actually a second draft as I tried to make it more realistic as per some issues that were brought up after the first draft.

You may notice in this version the seats in this section are now barstool seats modeled after Fenway's first row of monster seats.  The seating ends just before the hanger door so that it can still function.  This also leaves outfielders a nice amount of space in the Left Center Field gap where they can take an unobstructed shot at bringing back a homer.
The "Mo's Zone":
Unlike the LF wall I think this can actually be accomplished at a minimum of expense.  Under this plan, the Mo's Zone gets fenced in.  The fenced in area becomes an added picnic pavillion for Mo Zone guests with either picnic tables or some kind of bleacher seating. As for the sponsor issue, I don't see any reason why Modell's would object to the most hated part of the park becoming a much more popular spot with their name still on it.

Cringe-Inducing Blue For Those Of You Who Are Into That Sort Of Thing:
The Shea Bridge:
While this has no effect on the dimensions I just figured I'd add it because my real goal is improving the park aesthetically.

The Shea Bridge at Citi Field is a nice aesthetic touch and a great place to watch a game, but unfortunately it is completely camouflaged and one of the dullest parts of the park visually.

While I generally oppose the whole "blue walls thing" this is one are of the field I would like to see painted blue. Since it's the Shea Bridge, paint it the same blue as Shea.  To take it one step further, adorn that dull area above it with smaller replicas of the neon figures from the old ballpark.

If you really want to get crazy with them you could have the corresponding figures flash when a play is made.  (i.e. the runner for a SB or the pitcher for a K)  Maybe I'm just trying to bring back my youth when the "E" in the Manufacturers Hanover sign would light up after an error.

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