Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mets Kick Off 2011 Elimination Celebration

Light up your cigarette Barney.  Go ahead and toss that hat Stewie. The mathematically viable portion of the Mets 2011 season is now officially a memory and as usual the Mets are going out in style.  The team kicked off their annual Elimination Celebration '11 last night following their loss to the Washington Nationals.

To be honest, the Mets were eliminated before they even took the field last night but the team felt it would be better to wait for the game to be over and kick off the party on the more logical closure point: the Mets 5th straight loss.

Players were distributed "Elimination Champions" t-shirts upon returning to the clubhouse after the game.  While some of the younger players seemed confused, veteran players who were around for Elimination Celebration '10 couldn't wait to get their shirts and complimentary bottle of Bud Light Lime, the official drink of failure.  Jason Bay even wore his while talking to the press.

The shirts feature a Mets player caught in mid-fail falling backwards while the World Series title tumbles hopelessly out of reach.  They also have a small embroidered flag glued to one of the sleeves.  Fans will be able to purchase them at area Modell's stores and Mets clubhouse shops starting this afternoon.  The shirts are $39.99 each and are only available while supplies last.  If you want one, you may want to get on line now because last year, stores had trouble keeping up with demand.

The Elimination Celebration continues today at Citi Field when the Mets go for their sixth loss in a row against the Nats.  George Lopez will throw out the first pitch and Lindsay Lohan will sing the national anthem.

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